Not Feeling Stupid: The Root of Trump’s Resilience

About a month before the 2016 presidential election, a picture circulated on the internet of a middle-aged female Trump supporter grinning wryly and wearing a handmade shirt giving Trump permission to grab her (in the pursuit of decency, I won’t say where). Continue reading “Not Feeling Stupid: The Root of Trump’s Resilience”


Frequent Flyer Programs Should be Grounded

Loyalty programs of all shapes and sizes have always left a bad taste in my mouth, but one type in particular makes me regurgitate vomit: airline loyalty programs. Continue reading “Frequent Flyer Programs Should be Grounded”

An Apple a Day Keeps the Robot Away

The promise of artificial intelligence in medicine

An autonomous robot recently sewed up a sliced intestine in an anesthetized pig. With the sutures spaced evenly and the pig resting peacefully in the recovery suite, the surgery was a success, representing yet another breakthrough in artificial intelligence. Continue reading “An Apple a Day Keeps the Robot Away”

Using Behavioral Economics to Learn From Sam Hinkie’s Mistakes

Sam Hinkie’s resignation from 76ers GM via 13 page manifesto certainly didn’t lack for style (or for burying the lede, which he announced at the end of the first page). In the letter he explains to shareholders his philosophy on basketball and on life, citing a diverse group of business icons, scholars, and other luminaries, including: Continue reading “Using Behavioral Economics to Learn From Sam Hinkie’s Mistakes”

Ubiquity of the Dull: The Phenomenon of Weather-Related Small talk

One of the most perplexing aspects of the modern workplace is the pervasiveness of weather-related small talk. According to an unscientific poll I recently conducted, 0% of people find the weather an interesting conversation topic. Nevertheless, actual research suggests that 94% have discussed it within the past 6 hours alone.

Just today, I counted myself having no less than three conversations that were some variation on “the weather is weather outside!”

If no one finds it interesting, why do we all do it1? Continue reading “Ubiquity of the Dull: The Phenomenon of Weather-Related Small talk”

Decoding what Makes March Madness so Great

Without question March Madness is my favorite time of the year. I’m far from a die-hard college basketball fan, but a number of features of March Madness  turn it from your run-of-the-mill postseason tournament into an earth-shattering spectacle of awesome.

Collegeball: A True Underdog Story Continue reading “Decoding what Makes March Madness so Great”

5 Negotiation Tips From Settlers of Catan

If you haven’t yet played Settlers of Catan, you are making a foolish mistake.

I was the fool until about 2 months ago, when I first settled the legendary land of Catan. This coincided with my girlfriend beginning a stretch of near constant work travel, creating a perfect storm resulting in me spending inordinate amounts of time placing plastic pieces on a dilapidated board. Continue reading “5 Negotiation Tips From Settlers of Catan”